Ombuds Office

The KESB (Child and Adult Protection Authority), social workers, courts and the police are there to provide you with help and support and to safeguard your rights. However, there are also times when things do not work as they should. Sometimes it might be difficult for you to understand what the professionals want from you and your family. Or you don’t get any answers at all to your questions.

Then you may have questions such as:

  • What are my rights?
  • What are the KESB, the court and the police allowed to do?
  • How can I defend myself if I do not agree with a decision?
  • Where can I get more information if I don’t understand something?

Or maybe you are experiencing feelings such as:

  • Nobody listens to me.
  • I can’t say what I want to happen.
  • I’m not taken seriously.
  • I’m afraid of what will happen.
  • Nobody is supporting me.

If you have such questions or feelings, the Ombuds Office Children’s Rights is there for you. We will discuss the situation together with you and consider the support that you need. We will give you answers to your questions. Or we will tell you where you can find answers. We serve as an intermediary between you and the professionals. We prepare you for discussions and make sure you understand your rights. Talking to us is free and confidential. That means: If you don’t want, we won’t tell anyone what you have told us. Also, we will not take any action without discussing it with you. You decide what you want to say and ask. And what help you want. We will always be happy to speak to you first. Because it’s about you! If you want, and if it helps you, we will talk to other people. For example, with your parents, your social worker or other people in your life.

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