If your parents separate and get divorced, many things need to be reorganised. Who will you and your siblings live with? When will you be able to see the other parent? But it is also about which parents keep which household items. Or who has to pay money to the other person. The parents discuss all of these issues in court with a judge.

If your parents are able to agree, they will quickly find a good solution. However, there may also be conflict between your parents. Then they will need the help of a lawyer and a judge. If they are unable to agree, the court will make the final decision.

It is very important to remember: You are allowed to have a say in decisions that affect you. Then it doesn’t matter whether your parents still get along with each other or if they are arguing. You can tell them what your wishes are and how you can be helped to feel better. After all, it’s also about you.

The judge will also invite you to an interview and ask you what you want. There, you will have the opportunity to express your wishes. And you can also ask questions. You don’t have to go to this interview if you don’t want. It may help if you bring someone you trust with you to the interview. For example, your godfather or godmother.

Do you feel like nobody is listening to you at all? Did you not receive an invitation to an interview from the judge? Or do you have questions about your parents’ divorce? Then give us a call!

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