Child protection

An important task of the KESB (Child and Adult Protection Authority) is child protection. The KESB is there to protect you from dangers. For example, a danger is: If you are beaten, or if someone sexually abuses you or subjects you to psychological abuse.

There are also dangers that you may not perceive as dangers. You might like it that your parents let you do what you want. This also means, for example, that they don’t notice when you don’t go to school. However, it is important that your parents look after you and that you complete your schooling. In such situations, the KESB will become involved.

If the KESB intervenes, some people who you don’t know may suddenly appear in your life. They have your best interests at heart. For you and your family, it may feel like they are interfering. That it is none of their business. Do you have questions about this? Then give us a call!

You have the right to be protected from dangers.That is why the KESB must take action if they become aware of a danger. The KESB then initiates child protection procedures. You have the right to express your opinion about this. The employees of the KESB must always inform you in a manner that is appropriate for your age. Every time they make a decision, they must explain to you the reasons that are behind it. In some situations, you may be represented by a legal representative. We can advise and help you.

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