Concerns about your health

Do you want something different than what your doctor and your parents want?

You have rights when it comes to your body and your health. You must be informed and you must be allowed to have your say.

  • Does your doctor only speak with your parents?
  • Do they want you to have an operation that you don’t want? Or for you to take medication, even though it goes against your wishes?
  • Or do your parents have different opinions about vaccination than you?

Is nobody respecting your opinion? Is nobody listening to what you have to say? Or do you have questions that you would like to ask? Then give us a call!

What is meant by care-related hospitalisation

If you endanger yourself through your own actions, the KESB (Child and Adult Protection Authority) must ensure that nothing happens to you. In such cases, the KESB has the option of ordering care-related hospitalization.

What is meant by hearings?

Whenever it’s about you, it is important that you are listened to and that your opinion matters. This is your right. If the court or the KESB (Child and Adult Protection Authority) make a decision that impacts you, they will invite you to a hearing. At the hearing, you will be listened to and you can ask questions.

What is meant by Ombuds Office?

The KESB (Child and Adult Protection Authority), social workers, courts and the police are there to provide you with help and support and to safeguard your rights. However, there are also times when things do not work as they should. In such cases, you can contact us and we will help you.