You have rights – we help you use them

Are you wondering what your rights are? Do you feel like nobody is listening to you or taking your needs seriously? Or you are experiencing violence and don't know what to do? We will help you!
We advise you on your rights, answer your questions and discuss together with you how to support you best. The conversation is free of charge and confidential. Just give us a call.

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Are you in trouble and don't know what to do?

Contact with the police or the public prosecutor can be a scary experience. Do you want to know what to expect? Or do you have questions about your rights?
Then give us a call!

Foster placement – ensuring that your opinion matters

Do you have to go to a foster family or an institution? Or have you not received an invitation to talk to the KESB (Child and Adult Protection Authority)? Maybe you're feeling insecure about what will happen. Is nobody asking you what you want?
Then give us a call!

Are your parents getting divorced and nobody is asking you what you want?

If your parents split up or get divorced, there will be many questions that need to be addressed. Often, these questions are about what happens to you. Do you feel that nobody is listening to you or that you are not being taken seriously?
Then give us a call!

What is meant by Ombuds Office?

The KESB (Child and Adult Protection Authority), social workers, courts and the police are there to provide you with help and support and to safeguard your rights. However, there are also times when things do not work as they should. In such cases, you can contact us and we will help you.